Small Business Shopping Guide: Menstrual Products Edition

Period got you down? Don’t worry. All you need is a box of maxi pads, a pound of chocolate, and a good rom-com. Just kidding, this is not that kind of blog post. That used to be what got me through my period, but over the years I’ve tried a few new things and really leaned into the menstrual experience. Sounds weird, but it’s a really cool thing. 

Here are a few menstrual health products that don’t fit the typical period supply bill but I think they sound amazing and would love to try. Plus, they’re all from small businesses, and I’m all about shopping small!

(As always, not getting paid to say any of this. I’m just genuinely interested in these products and I love promoting small businesses!) 
Sacress Menstrual Cup

I’ve been a die-hard menstrual cup fan for YEARS now. (You can read all about my experience here.) I’ve only ever tried the DivaCup, and I’m in the market for something new. I ran across the Sacress Menstrual Cup, and it’s definitely at the top of my list to try. It’s curved and ergonomically shaped to really fit the body, which makes it different from most of the other cups I’ve seen. I also appreciate that it comes in two sizes so it’s more accessible to a wide variety of bodies. I also think J&L Naturals’ Pistil Cup looks like a great option, and it comes in a few different shapes, too. 

Of course, you need somewhere to store your menstrual cup when you aren’t using it. I usually just end up shoving mine in a plastic bag and shoving it into the back of my medicine cabinet before I need it again. Bad plan, lots of potential for bacteria and other weird stuff. I’m looking into a better storage solution, and I think a cup pouch from Pieces By Penguin is the way to go. This shop offers so many adorable patterns, and each pouch is unique. 

If I wasn’t such a huge fan of my menstrual cup, I would probably be using reusable menstrual pads like these from Battle Green Box. I love the idea of using something eco-friendly and economical during my period, and reusable pads are like menstrual cups in that regard. These specific pads are made from soft organic bamboo terry and are easy to wash. My only real hangup is that they aren’t suitable for heavier flow days, but they can be used as a menstrual cup backup. These cloth pads from Sacred Spiral Creation are super cute, too. 

“Mindy the Menstrual Pal” Heating Pad

I get cramps just like everyone else, and I’ve just recently discovered the healing wonders of a heating pad. I’m loving this reusable microwave heat pad, and you can even purchase a lavender-scented version for extra relaxation benefits. I’m also REALLY loving this adorable “Mindy the Menstrual Pal” heating pad.

I’m VERY interested in this menstrual cycle journal from We Are the Hood. Like I said earlier, I’ve really been into understanding and appreciating my menstrual cycle lately. I recently had an ovary and fallopian tube removed, and I’m in the process of re-learning what my cycle looks like.  I just think a period journal is perfect for helping with that. This one, in particular, contains one 3-month daily cycle tracker and all-in-one monthly cycle trackers. 

This last item is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while— an herbal tea meant specifically to address menstrual side effects. I stumbled upon this B*tchs Brew Tea from Wisdom of the Womb, and I’m pretty sold on it. According to the Etsy listing, this tea blend is supposed to help with menstrual cramps and reduce anxiety. It can also supposedly be used for fertility support, but I’m so not there yet. 

What are your favorite products to use during your period? I’m on the hunt for some new things and would love to hear your recommendations! 

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