Guide to Updating Your Office Space on a Budget

Is your home office space finally starting to feel blah after all this time? Are you returning back to your real office and itching for a change? Here are a few items you can purchase from small Etsy businesses to boost your office space vibes. BONUS: Each item listed here is under $30!

P.S. I’m not getting paid to write any of this- I just really think these items are cool!

Office Supplies

These rainbow pencils from Duncan Shotton are just so much fun that I couldn’t leave them off this list. How can you have a bad day at the office when you’re writing with something so colorful? The same thing goes for these donut thumb tacks from Lemon Daisy Office. I think the real key to an enjoyable workday is fun office supplies!

Speaking of office supplies… I ran across this handy password book from In AWE Cards. It includes 50 cards and 3 alphabet tab dividers, and it comes in a ton of colors and patterns. This is a great item for anyone (like me) who still wants to kick it old-school and write down their passwords. 

Like I mentioned before, I like to keep things old-school. That means I still use something similar to this daily notepad planner from Crossbow Planner Co. when I’m making my daily to-do lists. I really like this one because it’s just so minimal and simple. This cat to-do list notepad from boygirlparty would probably achieve the same goal with a bit more humor. Also, these “Don’t F It Up” sticky notes from Cheek and Pen Paper Co., just because.

Top L to Bottom R Photo Credit: Duncan Shotton, Lemon Daisy Office, In AWE Cards, Crossbow Planner Co., boygirlparty, Cheek and Pen Paper Co.

Office Decor

I’m in love with this adorable WiFi password sign from South-Carolina based Ryan Heavener. It makes for a cute piece of office decor, and it cuts down on you having to share the WiFi network and password with everyone who visits your office. Plus, it’s dry erase, so it’s easy to update whenever you need to change the WiFi password. 

If you really want your desk layout to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with a skull pen holder like this one from The Concrete Letter. It’s made of concrete, comes in several colors, and can even be turned into a planter with an optional drainage hole. 

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to decorate your office space is by hanging posters and prints. I love the idea of surrounding myself with inspiration and mindfulness while I work, so I think this mental health digital print from Therapy Tools for All would be perfect for office decor. I’m also really liking this “Note to Self” poster from Christopherman Shop. 

Top L to Bottom R Photo Credit: Ryan Heavener, The Concrete Letter, Therapy Tools for All, Christopherman Shop

What’s your favorite way to shake things up with your office decor? I’d love to hear your ideas! 

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    I love these! I have a friend who has lots of To Do Lists, but she is very sarcastic. I love the “Do Not Want To Do List”! Once she runs out of her Schitt List, I’ll have to check those out.

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