Guide to Showing Off Your Small Business Pride

Here’s your guide to showing off your small business pride, whether you’re an owner or a supporter (or both!)

If you’re a small business owner… I know you’re proud of your business and you want to show off your love for shopping small! Here are a few items you can purchase to identify yourself as a small business owner and support the concept of shopping small. 

Almost every small business owner I know basically runs on coffee. If that describes you, I know you’re going to love this “The CEO” mug made by Ella, Illinois- based owner of Minimalist Boss Co.  

Everyone needs a hat at some point, right? Check out this “Small Business Owner” dad hat designed by Casey, owner of Gone Company. Casey sells a ton of different hats, but I think this one is perfect for any small business owner. Plus, it comes in seven colors!

Need a little something to decorate your small business storefront or your office? Prints are easy ways to liven up any space, and I think this “Small Busines Owner” definition print from Ever So Printy is just so cute. Kate is the UK-based owner of Ever So Printy, and her designs are all printed on high-quality paper in a wide variety of finishes and sizes. 

If you’re looking to show off your small business pride on the go, I suggest looking into picking up a pin or a badge to stick on your bag or jacket. I’m obsessed with this Small Business Boss enamel pin designed by Paige Dodds, owner of Printrovert Studios. 

Stickers are always pretty affordable, and this “Minding My Own Small Business” vinyl sticker from Alabama-based Long Leaf Prints is perfect for any small-business owner on a budget. It’s completely waterproof and durable, so you can stick it on your laptop, water bottle, or anywhere else without worrying. 

If you’re a small business supporter… don’t feel left out! I tracked down a few cool items for you, too. These items will allow you to both support some cool small businesses and show everyone that you love shopping small (and they should, too!). 

This “Shop Small, Shop Local” acrylic keychain is made by Elyse Burns, owner of Elyse Breeanne Design. Elyse is based in Durham, North Carolina, and her wares consist of “floral-inspired goods that make life a bit brighter.” Adding this small keychain to your keyring is a great way to both support a small business and promote shopping small. 

I’m in love with this colorful “Shop Small” wooden pin badge made by Stevie Jay, UK-based owner of Jeff and the Squirrel. Stevie’s wooden pins are made from responsibly sourced birch plywood, so you can purchase this pin to support a small business, show your love for shopping small, and save the planet all at the same time! 

If you’re looking for something wearable to show off your support for small businesses, check out this adorable “Shop Local, Think Big, Shop Small” shirt from Florida-based maker Shawna W. of Sky Lynn Co. It comes in seven colors— black and mauve are my favorites. BONUS: Shawna’s shirts are preshrunk, so you don’t have to worry about them shrinking in the wash! 

One of the most timeless ways to show your support for anything really is to buy a pin or button promoting the message and stick it on your jacket, your bag, or wherever you feel like it. This “Shop Small” badge pin is made by New-York based- artist Katelyn Davis, owner of Katelyn Davis Art. It’s waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about the design getting messed up if the pin gets wet! 

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