Gifts Under $25 for the Freelancer in Your Life: Small Business Edition

Looking for the perfect gift to celebrate something your freelancer friend recently achieved or just to show them how much you care? Here’s my guide to some of the coolest gifts that freelancers will actually like and use. All of these items are under $25 and are from small businesses. Happy shopping!

Note: I’m not getting paid to include any of these products, and I won’t earn anything if you purchase them. 

Freelancing is so much fun, but it can definitely be stressful every now and then. Most of the freelancers I know (myself included) could always use a little more self-care and stress relief in their lives. Aqualime Skincare has a ton of bath and body products that will help your freelancer friends really chill out and take care of themselves. The bath soaks are especially good for relaxation! 

In the same vein, Bedrock Coffee + Tea’s Monthly Tea Box is the ideal gift for a freelancer who loves to relax with tea and coffee. Each box contains four herbal tea blends, one herbal coffee blend, and three honey sticks. The first month’s box even comes with a complimentary tea infuser ball— bonus!

If your freelancer friend is anything like me, they’re always getting caught without business cards when they need them most. That’s why a cardholder makes a great (and extremely useful!) gift for a freelancer in any field. I love this one from Welle Studio

Again, assuming that most freelancers out there share my struggles, your friend probably has a really hard time just doing nothing when they could be working on their business. I’m sure they’re willing to accept any help they get, and I think they’d really appreciate a copy of  “How To Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy” from 1977 Books

Speaking of books, I can’t go on without recommending that you pick up a copy of “Big Magic” from Sweet Home Books for your freelance friends, your creative friends, and yourself! This book never fails to reignite my creativity, and I’m sure it’ll do the same for the freelancers in your life. 

I’m obsessed with these “Empowered Women Empower Women” pencils from BeYoutiful Boutique. If you know a female freelancer who’s a real go-getter, I know she’ll love (and use) these. 

Sometimes, the best and most meaningful gifts are the simplest ones. Pick up a handmade friendship card from MsCraftprincess, write a note inside about how much your freelancer friend means to you, and send it off. 

Lots of freelancers spend time working at coffee shops and libraries since they don’t have official offices. A cool tote like this one from Longleaf Prints will allow them to easily carry everything they need to run their business from wherever they are. 

P.S. Wish your business website had a gift guide like this to promote your products? We can make that happen—get in touch with me today! 

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