5 Etsy Shops That Sell Small Business Resources

I present to you the Triple Threat: Growing your small business while supporting another small business that supports small businesses. Here’s your guide to a few Etsy shops that sell amazing resources for small business owners. 

UK-based Ceri Jones, owner of Love, Ceri, sells the cutest and most useful products for small business owners. Ceri’s Personalized Order Book is completely adorable, and it’s laid out in such a stress-free, efficient way. Her “Thank You For Your Order Cards” would be perfect to include when shipping out orders. I also think any small business could use a few custom 45mm Logo Stickers!

Krystal of MagicalMailers, a North Carolina-based shop that sells “modern, trendy poly mailers with exclusive designs,” really does sell the coolest shipping supplies. Her Smiley Face Insert Cards are sure to make all of your customers grin the moment they open up their order. If you want to get an idea of what Krystal offers, try out her Poly Mailer Variety Pack and see what you think. 

MLStudioo is a UK-based shop that sells high-quality digital download templates for small businesses. This shop offers templates for order forms, invoices, order tracking, and more. 

Amanda of AvritOliverDesigns, a Florida-based shop that primarily sells decor and vinyl accessories, sells a few different signs that I think most small businesses could really benefit from purchasing. This QR Code Social Media Sign will allow your customers to scan your custom code and follow you on social media, all while standing at the register. Most of Amanda’s signs can be customized with your business colors, too!

Catherine Edwards, the South Africa-based owner of CateCreatesPrintable, sells dozens of templates to help small business owners get and stay organized. Her Small Business Planner Bundle includes templates that cover branding, goal tracking, inventory tracking, marketing, and so much more. 

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